iCloud 中國地區轉私人企業雲上貴州第一天,就發生了嚴重資安問題。



前陣子,大家都知道的,中國地區的 iCloud 服務,確定從 2/28 開始,轉由私人企業外包,這家私人企業叫做「雲上貴州」。當然,雖然轉出去了,但蘋果保證所有的服務以及隱私權,都會跟原本一樣。




事情的詳細發展在微博,由一位  美國往事1999  po文 



大意是這樣,這位用戶在使用 iCloud 服務時發生一點問題,所以打電話給客服,因為客服的態度發生了爭吵之後,便掛斷了電話,結果客服翻找他的資料,用電話以及email騷擾他,要求加他通信軟體QQ,最後竊取並串改了他的 iCloud 資料,至少包含了他數個 email 的密碼(應為鑰匙圈內資料)。事情發生到現在,蘋果客服還沒給他一個明確的回復。


iCloud service in China has recently transferred it's operations to a China Private Internet Provider called GCBD , although this decision raised concerns about the privacy security of iCloud users in China, Apple promises that all it's service and privacy settings will not be changed.
No surprisingly, a suspicious serious security issue has occurred after the first day (28Feb2018) of the service transfer.

A Weibo user 1999 posted a story saying his privacy was compromised by the Apple Technical Advisor, here's what happened in a brief summary:

The user 1999 had an argument with the Apple Telephone Service Specialist after experiences some problem when using the iCloud service. After he hang up the phone, the customer service started harass him with his personal mobile phone and email, even request him to friend the service specialist via a China communication software QQ. In the same time, 1999 found that the service specialist had a clear information of his name and phone number. In the end, the service specialist tampered his iCloud and other email password including Hotmail.

User 1999 claimed that he had this case reported to the local police and received a feedback from Apple China, saying the staff involved has been removed from the position. However no further details have been revealed including how much exactly this employee steal their customer's personal information.

The full story was written in Weibo.cn, and we have no idea how long this post will remain open under gradually tense internet environment in China. Therefore we had the entire content screenshotted and pasted in our news letter.

a. Apple iCloud service term changed in China 
b. The original post from the China user 1999 (written in simplified chinese)
c. News letter from our website (MacUknow.com)
d. News letter from other tech media in Taiwan (techbang.com)








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